Meet the Team that Makes Everything Happen

Direction Team

Khurram Wani

Youth Directior

Khurram Wani is the Youth Director of YMTC and a close friend to many in the community. Brother Khurram has established many loved events such as the Saturday Halaqahs, monthly Qiyaams, and Brother’s Sunday Breakfast. He helps out the community and uses all of his resources to help anyone whenever he can. As the Youth Director he is always available for anyone and is beloved member of the community. KBH for life.

Ameen Khaleel


Ameen Khaleel is a close friend and companion to many. He provides comedic relief at meetings and imparts his valuable experience and opinions, guiding the younger generation and organizing community events. He is an invaluable member of the YMTC family and our dear president.



Aiman is the president of YMTC and a pillar for the sisters. She has established close relationships in the hearts of many sisters helping them whenever she can. She uses her experience and passion for helping the community as a foundation for what drives her, helping out and organizing events that bring together the community.

Inaam Mohammed


Rija Khan


Abdullah Awan

IT Chair

Muataz Ktiri

Events Chair

Yousuf Zafar

Ahmed Aebed

Publicity Chair

Zeeshan Tariq

Sports Chair

Esha Ahmed

Adil Ahmed

Sports Chair

Amani Elewa

Nuha Malik

Hamdah Awan

Events Chair