MMYC is an annual youth conference held a shortly after MIST. Everyone who’s gone to MIST knows how hype it can get, they also know how exhaustive it is. From preparing for competitions to chilling with friends to going on stage to get your award. MMYC is the retreat that alleviates all of that stress and fatigue that MIST creates. MMYC is hype and fun and is one of the most beneficial Islamic “outlets” a high schooler can find. The organizers of the retreat spend a great deal of time in choosing speakers, topics and scheduling the program to benefit each and every attendee. It holds, for those who seek it, great amounts of guidance and motivation when it comes to finding Deen and the light that helps guide you to Deen. For those that are looking for someone to connect to, a group that actually helps them and wants what is better for them then you should come to MMYC.


SubhanAllah, there was an awe inspiring lineup of speakers this year. Shaykh Saad Qadri, Hafiz Azam Hashmi, Ustadh Tayysir Safi, and a wonderful surprise visit by Imam Zaid Shakir created a very real identity for what each and every attendee strives to be. The entire conference was comprised of topics for every possible plague that we – the tech savvy and rebellious generation – grew up and/or adapted to. From topics such as addictions to racism to knowledge and Deen, each and every speaker gave the audience as much benefit as they could, and this benefit has immensely changed the perspective and goal of my life and hopefully this has changed for every attendee as well. These respected scholars have established themselves not only in their knowledge and love of the religion but also in the hearts of each and every attendee, advisor, counselor, and organizer. Their companionship has brought only good and gives a very realistic idea of how we can and should improve.


This isn’t just some guy writing a post for an article but this is honest advice from a brother in Islam who has gained benefit from the attendees, organizers, and speakers. This advice is to every brother and sister who has fallen in love with their Deen and who want to fall in love with their Deen. Please, attend MMYC. I cannot stress this enough, MMYC is literally and metaphorically the bridge, the path that will help guide you to Allah if you are sincerely looking for it. Every person there wants only what is the best for you and it is the perfect time to connect with the esteemed mashaikh and scholars that speak and attend the conference. Every conversation, every interaction, every word is something that can only help you, not harm you. I can say from my own personal experience that the connections I’ve established and the people that I have met at MMYC have drastically changed my life for the better, and not just in terms of religion. Yes, the benefit of their company has greatly propelled my love for the Deen but they are people that I can go to for honest advice about what I should do in school, interactions, relationships, business and life in general.  


MMYC is literally the starting steps to gaining a basic of the basic understanding and love for the countless blessings that Allah SWT has given us and the golden opportunities he has bestowed us with. If you sincerely look for it, you will definitely find it. The two years that I have attended MMYC have been life changing, the people have been awe inspiring, and the speakers have been phenomenal and have only increased my gratitude towards this peaceful and loving religion. I pray that you and I are bestowed with pious company that we benefit from and the means to attain the love and pleasure of Allah SWT and his everlasting abode in Jannah. Ameen.