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Post MMYC Reflection

MMYC is an annual youth conference held a shortly after MIST. Everyone who’s gone to MIST knows how hype it can get, they also know how exhaustive it is. From preparing for competitions to chilling with friends to going on stage to get your award. MMYC is the retreat...

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Reflections of Religion, Education, and Success

Being a student isn’t easy. Being a student in IB/AP isn’t easy. Being a student under any profession or circumstance isn’t easy, but it’s something we do. We pursue degrees, seek out millionaires and billionaires in hopes of gaining some sort of financial information...

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Take Advantage of Five before Five

The Prophet Muhammad (SAW) was blessed with the most concise and meaningful speech, meaning he only had to say a little in order to convey a huge message.  It is reported the Prophet Muhammad SAWS said to a man to “Take advantage of five matters before five other...

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